and will use you to fulfill what is called, “narcissistic supply.”


Narcissistic Supply is the term for what these people are addicted to. It is not alcohol or drugs, or even sex per se. They need your adoration, admiration, attention and time and the appetite for this supply is insatiable as they are basically emotional black holes.

They suck your love and energy into themselves to try to satisfy the emptiness inside their souls. They truly are the walking dead. This emptiness is so profound and permanent they are rarely helped by any kind of therapy because they are so used to acting rather than being who they really are. They refuse to lower their guard and let others know their real personalities.

Scientists are not sure exactly how this personality deformity develops. One theory is the small child suffers severe emotional neglect from the primary caretaker. Another thought is the parents worship and over indulge the child until he/she believes he/she is superior to other people.

They learned early on to mimic the kind of person the caretakers seemed to want in order to survive. In the process, they discard and despise their true selves and manufacture a false self that they present to the world. Sad? Yes, absolutely because you can never truly get to know the real person, therefore, intimate relationships are impossible.

These folks are usually so full of rage that they quickly learn how to channel and use the anger in a meaningful way; the ability to expertly manipulate and ultimately emotionally injure others makes them feel superior and powerful. This way, they feel they’re in control and cannot be hurt again. They turn into an abuser.


A narcissist with sociopathic tendencies is a very dangerous person indeed; the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. They are constantly on the prowl for new sources of “supply” and can sense a potential victim almost immediately, even the first time they meet the person. Let’s pause for a moment to examine the perfect onsters.