Hypnosis is way in which you get control over someone’s mind and get power over it. The person when under hypnosis is under unconsciousness. He cannot see and feel what is going around him. This way he can answer to any question that is to be answered in a true manner and answer what he actually thinks about it. Under hypnosis we can get to the back of mind to the person and you can ask him question he lied about and he will give ahttps://www.michaeljemery.com/

solution which is actually there at the back of his mind.When we talk about hypnosis, it’s a myth to someone and some people really believe in it. Some think it is just another story like telepathy or controlling of minds and some people say you can actually get control to a person’s mind to some extent. This a topic on which you want to argue and debate and it can go for longer you want to stretch it out. According to my point of view, it is something what psychologists believe on and it is a very reasonable method of treatment.

This is a way in which you can easily get treated with effective measures taken and you can also have to see less opportunity cost when compared to medication. When we talk about clinical medication it is far expensive to take and continue for treating a person. On the otherhand hypnosis is comparatively a good way of treatment.It is some people’s point of view that they think under hypnosis as the person is not under his control of consciousness. So it is easy to make the person do something which is unethical or morally wrong. This is not as easy as it seems. No one without willing can be hypnotized and can be questioned. Even people with difficult minds and strong will powers are difficult or impossible to hypnotize. Other than that all these things are carried after proper licensing and educational degree from reputable institutions.

It comes under the ethics and norms of this profession that every secret is kept confidential and no one is told about it and nothing immoral is asked to anyone. Hypnosis is mostly used under the rare condition of the psychological disease called multiple personality disorder or dissociative personality disorder.In this case the person has multiple personalities existing is the same person. Through the treatment and process of hypnosis, you can easily treat someone and help him get better over issues like that. When you hypnotize a person his semi-conscious mind is under the control of the person. The person can easily be hypnotized in any isolated to crowded place. The person can also be hypnotized through pendulum watches and through calming soothing words which makes the person’s mind g